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katrina Gobeille
owner | director of fitness 

I have been in the health + fitness industry for over 10 years. I started personal training while studying Kinesiology in University. But after working in the corporate world, where all my time and priorities revolved around work, my own health + fitness was starting to slip. I was depressed, anxious, and I knew change needed to happen.


In early 2016 I started making changes. I exercised not to look good but to FEEL good. I changed my eating habits. I focused on creating a healthy mind. I started getting UNCOMFORTABLE. It was a challenge. But I learned true growth happens when you get outside your comfort zone.  I also started (re)pursuing what has always been my passion - helping change the lives of other people through exercise, nutrition, and creating healthier habits to improve all aspects of their lives. I left my corporate career and put all my focus into helping other people.

I have been involved as a coach with CrossFit Orangeville for the past year. In November 2021, I had the opportunity to fuel my passion even further by taking over the CrossFit Orangeville business.  I've always loved helping people reach their health & fitness goals and maximizing their full potential. I believe health & fitness is a lifelong journey and I couldn't be more excited for our CrossFit Orangeville community to tackle the year ahead.

Getting in shape, finding the motivation, and getting healthier can be tough.

Let’s be on this journey, TOGETHER!!



Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, CF-L1, Personal Trainer

Chris Mandville
crossfit coach 

Born in  St. John's Newfoundland, I moved to Ontario when I was young, and I've played team sports most of my youth through to rugby in high school. I played competitive club rugby, then team Ontario and 4 years of Varsity rugby at University of Guelph.  As a former "fat kid" I discovered the benefits of weight training in my teens and loved it ever since.  


After graduating university I stopped playing rugby and struggled with staying motivated. It felt like I had nothing to train for anymore. After I was hired as  police officer a friend of mine told me about with all of these crazy workouts and so I checked it out. I did my first CrossFit workout at 2 am, by myself, in a dark gym the size of a closet and I was hooked


I started coaching in 2011 as a way to try and help people be healthier and move better. I'm generally a very shy, introverted person, but something about coaching a Crossfit class and helping someone enjoy their workout and get a little bit better everyday makes me forget how scary it is being in front of a group of people. 


The community here at CrossFit Orangeville is so positive and welcoming. I'm excited to get to know everyone and be a part of it.


My motivation and the way I train has definately changed over the years. From being highly competitive, stressing over every CrossFit Open score and trying to make regionals, to just having fun and thinking much more long term. For me, CrossFit is training for life.



CF-L1, Personal Trainer

Shawn IMG_7493.jpg
Shawn pontone
crossfit coach 

I grew up playing rep hockey and rep baseball. Between practices, games, and dry land training, I was always training in some capacity.


Once that was done, I started to “bodybuild” in the global gyms. My training was geared towards aesthetics. And although I achieved that, I was constantly tired, sluggish, and my overall fitness had diminished.


After going down a "YouTube rabbit hole" I found some videos of these crazy strong and fit athletes doing these insane workouts. These people were so impressively strong and incredibly fit. Once I saw those videos I immediately looked in my area for a CrossFit gym and found CrossFit Orangeville.


I did my first workout in 2016 and was instantly hooked! I found my competitive edge again. CrossFit gives you the ability to increase strength, further your metabolic conditioning, and all while being part of an amazing community.


CrossFit also helped me train for my job - police officer. CrossFit truly helps you train for life and be ready for absolutely anything!


CrossFit Orangeville is like my second home now. I’ve been coaching for about 2 years and love it. Our community is second to none and honestly feels like my second family!


CF-L1,  CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) & Certified in Strength & Conditioning

jeremy brush
crossfit coach 

I'm originally from Scarborough and moved to Orangeville to be closer to shopping and friends.

I've been athletic my whole life. I played competitive baseball and basketball growing up but was really a multi- sport athlete through out high school. CrossFit offers me the variety that keeps me interested in my training. 


I started coaching in January 2023 simply because I wanted to give back to the CF community. I also realized that with so many new members I have an opportunity to help people to move correctly early in their CF journey so it will benefit them in their daily life.


I'm motivated to see people do and achieve things they didn't think were possible. 


On a personal note, I'm about to become a dad, which I know will be my proudest accomplishment yet!



Jeremy Image.jpg
Tyler marsh
crossfit coach 

Training since 2013, I was just a young guy trying to change my body, get fit and lose weight to play football. I fell in love with a fitness-lead lifestyle. I would spend hours learning anything I could to be better. I was introduced to CrossFit in my last year of high school in 2016.  I thought it was silly at first, but after my first team competition, I was hooked. I started coaching back in CFO in November 2017.


I knew growing up that fitness was something I would always want to have in my life. It helped my in so many ways and I knew I could help others do the same. Being albe to help someone’s physical and mental well-being is a powerful thing, and SO rewarding. 


I'm so driven to compete, that I started high level programming for my own training. As I started to learn more and gain more experience, I started programming for friends and now professionally. Not everyone needs to be the fittest ever, but they can still be the fittest, healthiest versions of themselves (and happy about it too!) 


CFO Is my home away from home! While I'm in Ottawa for school, when I'm back to see my family, I always make time for CFO. It’s a community where anyone and everyone is welcome and I’m happy that others get to experience the same things that I’ve felt over the years training here.


CrossFit has been a BIG part of my personal journey, making me stronger in so many ways and helping me through tough times.  I'm forever grateful and thrilled to be able to program for CFO today.



CF-L1, Personal Trainer

Natalie Esposito
crossfit coach 

Natalie was a gymnast growing up, finding CrossFit in her life about 7 years ago. Natalie instantly fell in love! She completed her CF-L1 to support the community in reaching their fitness goals, which she has done for several years!


CF-L1,  CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) & Certified in Strength & Conditioning

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