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CrossFit Orangeville

is a premier CrossFit facility located on Hwy 9. With over 5,000 sq. ft. of training space, outdoor training space for the summer months and first class trainers. CrossFit Orangeville offers a full weekly schedule of classes, specialty boot camps, olympic lifting specific class, and hosts multiple competitions throughout the year through the CrossFit Orangeville Compete Series.

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OUR Philosphy


Our philosophy at CrossFit Orangeville is about strength, independence, movement quality, and community.
We encourage men and women of all ages and skill levels to not only test themselves to be stronger physically, but mentally as well. Many of the things that we do here in our gym go far and beyond what most people encounter in any other gym, let alone their day-to-day lives. The mental and physical resiliency built at CrossFit Orangeville will translate to all areas of life.
With long-term independence in mind, health and longevity play a large part of our overall psyche and mentality here at CrossFit Orangeville. Being strong and fit during our youth is often taken for granted, but the strength and tools we build and put in place now will allow us a greater chance of living independently for many years to come.
Movement quality is our top priority. There is no need or reason for intensity and speed without the proper mechanics to do something right the first - and the last time. We pride ourselves on the coaching cues and tactics we use here at CrossFit Orangeville. Precision and attention to detail.


CrossFit creator Greg Glassman once said, “The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.” Our coaches help you with the rest, but the community here at CrossFit Orangeville is built upon lasting relationships that are forged from a common goal. We do not judge anyone here, in fact, we are open and friendly to anyone who wishes to walk through our doors and is willing to work hard, learn, and strive to be a better version of themselves.

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