Our CrossFit Orangeville All-Stars Program returns for its 5th straight year!


This season, our All-Stars program will run from September 1, 2019 until June 30, 2020.


Members can qualify to become a CrossFit Orangeville All-Star, by completing at least 170 workouts, and logging their score in ZenPlanner during the allotted time frame. You can log and "earn" workouts by either attending CrossFit classes or by signing into "Open Gym" sessions - just make sure that you complete the CrossFit Orangeville WOD (workout of the day) and enter your score in ZenPlanner!


Qualifiers of the program will once again earn: 1) An opportunity to design and program a workout that will be featured during the summer of 2020. 2) A plaque with your name and achievement listed on it will be added to our illustrious Wall of Fame. 3) Qualifiers will also earn a CrossFit Orangeville All-Stars t-shirt!




Q. What if I don’t use ZenPlanner?


Not a problem! Our coaches can enter your score on the gym computer immediately following class - think of it as the digital equivalent of way when we used to manually write scores on the whiteboard!


Q. What if I scale the workout or can’t do all of the movements due to illness or injury (etc.)?


Again, not a problem! All workouts are modifiable. Coaches are able to help you scale based on your skills or requirements, just as long as you attempt to stick to the original stimulus of the workout. ZenPlanner allows for more user input, so you can explain in your notes section how you modified/scaled the workout to suit your needs!


Q. Does scaling count? Can I enter my score as “scaled?”


Yes of course! Scaling is not a crime, and in fact, most members scale on a day-to-day basis as they develop the strength and skills required to complete a workout “Rx.” Scaling workouts will absolutely count towards your 170 total, assuming you do the workout listed, and log your score!

Q. If I miss a day, can I show up the next day and complete multiple WODs?

No. The All-Stars program, from the beginning, has been about being consistent and showing up an average of 4 days/week. You are more than welcome to "double-up" with multiple WODs or workouts in a single day, but you will only be credited for 1 workout/day.

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